Brand Identity is what makes your brand instantly recognizable. We’re creating a connection with your audience through words, colors, images, and graphic design.


There are so many terms with “brand” in them: brand identity, brand personality, brand voice, branding, brand strategy, etc. With any of those terms, you likely think it’s just about the logo, but not so fast! They all have different meanings, and all play a part in rounding out how your business is viewed.

Have you ever bought something and inside the packaging it came with some smaller, personalized note? Maybe the messaging made you chuckle. Maybe it said, “thank you.” This is a great example of an element that is a part of a business’ brand identity. This small, but mighty card is an opportunity to connect. To express the brand with the use of consistent colors, fonts, and convey a brand voice that is true to the brand’s personality. 

Brand Identity

Brand personality puts the person in your brand.

Maybe you already have a logo, but nothing else that really expresses who your business is. That’s ok! When you hone in on the uniqueness of your business (and of you), your brand voice & personality starts to shine through. A lot of times, your business’ personality naturally evolves, but it’s important to sit down and define what it is so that when you talk for your business, it’s always in alignment with who it is and what it stands for. 

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Brand Identity is what everyone can see, hear, feel and experience. It's how you show up to the world.

Your logo is only a small portion of this.

Your brand identity is made up of supporting design elements that help us communicate your brand on a unified, authentic and personal level. Running a business is hard enough. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that ALL visual aspects of your business were speaking to the same message? Your brand identity speaks for your business when you can’t, which is pretty impactful. That little note card mentioned above is a perfect example! Other brand identity elements include, but aren’t limited to:

Who is this for?

Whether you have a thriving business that just needs a reliable graphic designer to communicate your brand or you are starting out fresh with a new business venture, you should have a number of items on that list and if you don’t, then we definitely should talk! 

We live in a very dynamic world and small businesses especially, have to evolve and pivot frequently to compete and get in front of a larger audience or one that is aligned with their message/service. Having a consistent and clear brand identity is vital, and when it’s defined, it makes promoting your business confidently a breeze.

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