Branding is how your customers recognize and experience your business. It’s intentionally crafting and communicating how you want your business to be perceived. Brand design is how businesses come alive.

what is brand design, anyhow?

We'll give you a hint, branding is more than a logo.

A lot of people think that if they have a good logo, then they have a brand. While having a solid logo is definitely important, branding is way more than just a logo. As a branding company, our brand design process gives businesses roots so that it can flourish consistently and effectively in their given marketplace. Think of branding as a business that is personified. It’s got a heartbeat, a personality, a tone of voice, an appearance, morals, values, all of which you define! The magic of branding is rooted in communicating what’s genuine about you and your business. Getting specific about those two aspects will help you not only talk about your business from a deeper place, but also speak more directly to your audience. 

Whether your business is service-based or product-based, we’re ALL in a sea of similar businesses within our industry. The good news though? We’re ALL different in some capacity and more often than not, it’s simply because no one is us. Er…you!

Branding services that meet you where your business is at right now

If you’re like most small business owners, you may have no idea how to differentiate yourself from your competition. You’ve heard of branding, colors, fonts, logos, and everything in between, but what do you DO with it all? It’s a lot to think about, but that’s what we love to do! Grab a shovel and let’s dig into how we can make you stand out amongst the pack!

Logo design

It's one of the first things that comes to mind when starting a business or considering a re-brand. Together, we will design a logo you can be proud to show off and represent your business.

Brand identity

You need more than just a logo and this is where creating a brand identity comes into play. Don't have an identity? Let's change that and work on it together!

Brand Positioning

We don't just scratch the surface on brand design projects. We dig in! No matter what phase your business is in, it's important to think about where your business is positioned in the marketplace.

Brand Strategy

Chances are, you're frustrated about something within your business. Not appealing to your ideal customer, low lead generation, maybe a disconnect with your messaging?

YOU NEED A branding company that understands you.

Our goal is to communicate your brand in the most authentic way possible. After all, your business is an extension of you and, you’re pretty unique! We will walk you through our brand design process, and yes, it’s a process. It’s strategic (but never lacking in fun and collaboration.) We will dig for golden nuggets of unique information to make your brand as one in a million as you!

Your business + authentic self + our brand design process = your brand! We’re liking this collaboration already!

Brand design

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  • First of all… Congratu-freaking-lations! We love hearing that! But we get it. You want a logo so you can hit the ground running, like yesterday. While we love the enthusiasm, it helps to sloooow down a little and think some things through. So, short answer, yes and no.

  • YES. If your new business is projected to be more than 20+ employees and you have some big goals. Mainly because it’s a huge relief knowing that your business is visually organized and you can confidently begin to promote it knowing you thought things through right from the rip.

  • YES. If you’re a small 1-2 person business, then we’d say you don’t need a full-blown package. What you’d need is something smaller, that still gives you a well rounded brand image and consistency that you can grow with! Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t appear like you’re bigger than what you actually are!

  • NO. Maybe you aren’t ALL IN yet? If this is a fresh side hustle that you aren’t aiming to make a full-time gig, then there’s plenty of resources out there to churn out a logo and help you hit the ground running!

Our branding packages start at $1,500. Fill out this form so we can get the ball rolling! Once we have an idea of what your needs are, we will put together a custom brand design package.

This can vary depending on your individual needs. A branding project that doesn’t include a website typically takes 4-6 weeks if there is consistent and timely feedback.

Yes! We’ll take a look at what you’ve got already and put together a plan of action. Get in touch with us by filling out this form below!

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