Have a great website, but no way to keep it updated and accurate?
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An Effective website is an Up to date website. Keep your customers in the loop!

Timely website updates can be a challenge for business owners and non-profit organizations. From events to news, new photos, new services, new content, announcements – Your website should accurately reflect ALL that your business has going on. 

Sometimes an in-house person can aid in keeping a website up to date, but sometimes a lack of time or resources can leave you in a lurch. We can take care of it!

Our comprehensive small business website design services are a prompt and affordable solution to keeping your website updated with current information.

Website Updates

Our pay-as-you-go website updates can be the perfect solution.

Most updates can be done within the day, and there is no time-minimum or rounding up on billing. Simply submit the website update request and we’ll respond and let you know once the update has been completed. We can complete one-off content updates, or a list of items – Ensuring all impacted areas of the site accurately reflect the change.

Your website is an asset to your business and just like any asset, there can be some maintenance from time to time. It’s imperative that your website is accurately portraying information to your current and potential customers. Common website update requests include updating images on the site, adding new pages for services, events or news announcements, removing or adding staff members, etc.

Beyond that, we can also assist in keeping your website up to date and secure on the back end. This includes routine website back ups, updates, security scans and more. The health of your website is just as important, if not more important, than the visual front end aspects. A website that has serious issues can immediately disappear from the search results pages. 

Whether you’re looking for support with the exterior visuals or the elements under the hood, or both – we can guide you through the process and ensure all of the bases are covered. 

Examples of Common Website Updates

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