SEO services combine strategy, best practices and optimization techniques to get your website showing in Google search results pages.

An SEO Company is the foundation of any successful website.

While SEO strategy has evolved quite a ton over the years, the basic core principals are the foundation of every successful website. If someone searches for your business or product, you want to be on the search results page. If someone clicks to your website, you want it to be a great representation of your business!

The backbone of every successful marketing strategy is SEO. For most small businesses and non-profit organizations, that means you need an SEO company. You can have a beautiful website, but if no one is calling, there is zero value. The answer is always in the search engine optimization strategy.

SEO Search Engine Optimization


SEO or Search engine optimization is a complex strategy. It combines the information provided on your website, the technical elements of your site, and ultimately, your expertise on the topic. The most visually appealing, most expensive website in the world will NOT show in search results without a proper search engine optimization strategy in place.

SEO optimization strategy is the means to the end game of showing in Google search results. While it is just a piece of the puzzle on the search results page, it’s a VERY important piece. Without SEO strategy and proper indexing of your site, you will be hard pressed to show on the search results pages when someone next door searches for the exact thing you do. Worse than no SEO, the unfortunate (and terrifying) reality is that bad SEO strategy can seriously hurt your online presence. The days of stuffing keywords and cheating the system are long gone. An inexperienced SEO company can actually do way more harm than good. However innocent or unintended, a site penalty can be catastrophic to a small business or non-profit organization. The last piece and the cherry on top of all of that are the ongoing updates and a seemingly moving target with Google, making effective ongoing management essential.

Taking it a step further, tracking and reporting on the SEO data is critical. Seeing trends in the year, month or week can be very insightful! Properly tracking your websites’ indexing, tracking your leads and lead sources, and tracking keyword rankings are the key to website success.

With SEO it takes a village, and an agency is usually the answer. Search Engine Optimization is complex and requires experience, daily attention and constant monitoring of the ever changing standards and SEO landscape. When you hire us, you’re hiring a team of people that each specialize in their own tasks and can get the job done properly.

If you’ve got a website out there that isn’t doing much, or you’re interested in designing a new website, let’s talk through your goals and plans and see where to take it from there. The core optimization items (listed below) are only the beginning, but should certainly be a part of any website optimization strategy.

SEO Services consist of core items and so much more

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