Marketing training and consulting for local small businesses and non-profit organizations.

A Marketing Consultant for your in-house marketing team

Onsite training for an in-house marketing person or marketing team can be a fast and effective way to ensure that your current strategy is checking all of the boxes. Training can also be helpful in onboarding new employees.

Marketing is complex and organization is key! If your business has the ability to successfully have marketing in-house, a customized training plan and marketing blueprint is a great option.

A comprehensive training plan will include essential marketing tasks and proper strategic instruction. 

Marketing Consulting

Local in-house training and consulting

We start with a thorough analysis of your current strategy and goals. The next step is developing an in-house marketing plan, or updating the existing strategies. We provide the one on one training and support to implement the plan and ensure ongoing monitoring.

Take your marketing strategy to the next level

Dive into the brain of a marketing consultant

With a background in both the agency life and in-house marketing roles, our unique insights can truly set your business up for success. A marketing role can encompass a vast number of tasks and topics. It can be rare to have an individual that is truly an expert in everything, right out of the gates. (those individuals usually go on to join or start an agency!)

Bringing value to the table

Having the opportunity to receive training custom tailored to your business and industry can provide an in-house employee the tools and information needed to truly succeed. It can also identify any areas of external support that may be necessary. This can also be an excellent option for ongoing professional development, to identify areas of opportunity in your current marketing strategy.

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Considering Outsourcing?

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For many small businesses and non-profit organizations, outsourcing your marketing services may make sense. The true and total cost to have a full time (or even part time) employee may exceed the cost to outsource. The fee to have an agency (which includes a TEAM of experts) at your disposal can end up being less than paying one employee inhouse (and beyond that, outsourcing the items that employee can’t successfully complete).

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