Special events need special attention and we’re here for it! From start to finish we cover all your special event designing needs that communicates and advertises your big event. 

we put the special in special event design

Do you have an exciting upcoming event with a lot of print elements that need to be designed and produced? Are you a small team that desperately needs help? Boy, we’ve been there! Events are such a fun way to bring people together, educate and generate brand awareness for your business or cause. We don’t even know what your event is yet, but we’re already excited!

Our services are perfect for small-medium sized businesses, local towns and non-profit organizations!

Special Event Design

We’re all about local love. If it’s local to you, it’s local to us!

While we are local to the Cleveland, Ohio area, we would love to help design your event no matter what city or state it’s happening in! In addition to small business, local city/town events; we LOVE helping charity organizations with their fundraising events. We have experience in providing special event design for nationwide organizations like the Leukemia Lymphoma Society as well as city based fundraisers like the Bethesda Foundation, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

we have heart eyes for non-profit events and small town functions

1-on-1 attention and seamless team integration

We grew up in small towns and we still live in small towns. We love supporting our local community and charitable organizations. Providing event design is one of the ways that we can use our promotional services AND have some fun along that way! Events are fleeting, but they require a LOT of work and depending on the size of the event, can take months of preparation to pull off. So, consider us a part of your team to pull off any and all of your design and marketing needs for your next big event!

Don’t see something on the list that you need for your event? Reach out, chances are we can get it done or point you in the right direction!

Non-profit special event design services

We love giving back and being a part of organizations that are doing BIG things for great causes. If you don’t have a dedicated team, then guess what? You’ve GOT ONE by teaming up with us! We’re all about collaboration and team effort, so you can think of us as an extension of your team! Whatever your non-profit event design or marketing needs are, we’ll see to it that it’s done on time and with the attention to detail that it deserves.

Fun Facts!

Between the two of us, we’ve provided design and marketing services for over a dozen charity organizations in recent years.

Heather is an active volunteer of Marilyn's Voice Dog Rescue and has fostered 35+ dogs (2 of them she adopted.)

Morgan has participated in The Polar Plunge for 11 years and has ran in The 24 in 24 for 2 years.

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