Get on the map! Provide accurate and complete information on your Google Business Page and across the web for current and potential customers to find your business or non-profit.

Local marketing is incredibly important in today’s online realm.

Every single online search is taking location into consideration, in some factor or another. A businesses’ information must be available, accurate and consistent on your Google Business Page AND across the web! In most instances, the best ranking business in the nearest proximity will show the Google Local Profile box, in addition to other external sources, on the organic search results page. 

Local Marketing

Local Marketing - NAP - HUH?

In addition to setting up your Google Business Page and other important local profiles, it is critical to manage the information and ensure it is accurate across the platforms. Google takes “NAP” consistency very seriously and it’s an important part of any marketing and SEO strategy. Your NAP is your Name, Address, Phone (as well as website, hours of operation, etc). This information should appear consistently across all local profiles, as well as on your website. Local opportunities, like your Google Business Page, Bing Places and BBB to name a few, are free opportunities for a business to publish and manage information. Businesses can provide updates and give customers accurate data about your business using these local resources.

Unfortunately, “set it and forget it” is not effective with local marketing. There are constant auto updates, user updates and information pulled from across the web that can interfere with your profiles’ accuracy. Your Google Business Page can literally be updated without your knowledge! Keeping information up to date is important to let current and potential customers know how to reach your business and for providing accurate information as to what is going on at your business! Managing your local profiles also lets you have control over managing and responding to customer reviews as well.

Local marketing should be a priority for every business, and every non-profit organization. We saw a huge spotlight on the importance during Covid for example, because businesses had to provide accurate information, sometimes even on a daily basis. Are you open? What hours are you open? Do you offer curbside? What services or products do you offer? Is an appointment required?  

For a new business or a business that has recently moved, establishing, claiming and managing your information to ensure accuracy is critical!

Local Marketing Starts with the basics

Accurate Information + Consistent Updates = Local Marketing

We start with the basics mentioned above, and then from there explore industry specific options that would best suit your business.

If you’re just getting started, you recently moved the business location, you need to do some clean up or any combination of the aforementioned, contact us today to learn more!

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