Use the customers you already have, to generate even more business! Customer reviews are an important part of online business success.


Customer reviews and customer follow up processes can often be overlooked, but pack HUGE value. What better way to generate more business, than for potential customers to see REAL customer reviews across the web?

A solid follow up process and review collection strategy is key to building out your online presence. Share customer experiences, generate SEO cred and ultimately, gain more business.

Customer Reviews

Picture this, you do a search for a service provider near you.

Company A: 2 customer reviews, one bad, one good.

Company B: 10 customer reviews, all 3+ stars.

Company C: 57 customer reviews – Mostly 4 or 5 star.

Which would you pick? Most folks are going to go with company C.

Company C may not be doing any more volume than companies A & B. They may cost the same, may look the same. However they’ve prioritized their customer follow up process!

Online Customer Reviews can be incredibly valuable or incredibly detrimental. You pick!

Reviews are equal to “word of mouth” or a referral from a friend.

It’s paramount for customers to be able to read reviews that speak to the quality of your product or service. Further, actively having a customer follow up process helps to mitigate any issues that may pop up, and squash any problems before they hit the web for all to see.

In today’s online world customers take to the web to report good and bad experiences, it’s important to keep an eye on these reviews and actively manage them.

Let us guide you through the process, set up the strategy and provide the steps to follow through. Once the 5 star reviews start rolling in, you’ll be glad you did!

Dug a hole & have an online reputation problem? Let’s talk.

It happens, especially in our crazy reality of product delays, staffing shortages, price increases – Bad reviews can happen to ANY business. And unfortunately, not managing the reviews can lead to even more negative feedback. (These things can snowball quickly).

Managing reviews, responding and resolving issues, along with generating positive feedback, are all essential pieces to a successful reputation strategy.

If your business has gotten into some hot water when it comes to public feedback, let’s talk it through and come up with a plan that will mitigate the negative, and showcase the positives.

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