Brand strategy is the foundation to every successful brand. It’s super important to know where your business stands on its own AND within the marketplace.

Brand strategy is like the root of your branding.

We like to think of it in terms of planting a garden. Which might sound a little weird at first, but hear us out. Before planting anything, you need to know the specifics of what this particular seed needs in order to thrive. Looking at a seed packet, you’ll be able to clarify if it needs shade or full sun, how often it needs watered, etc. If you don’t know what this seed needs before planting it, then how can you ensure it will grow?

This is much like your business’ brand image. Without strategy and clarifying who your business is, what it does, what it believes in, and who you are selling/speaking to – what strategic foundation do you have? Uh, none. Just a half-dead sprout and a brand with no direction (yikes.) So, let’s change that! 

Brand Strategy Morgan

Brand Positioning is where you Plant Yourself.

Brand positioning is your opportunity to define what makes your brand authentic and different!

To give you an example: there are so many types of flowers/plants that exist and each one is different. Yet, each has its place in this world. You know the saying, “bloom where you are planted”? Flowers don’t really have a choice where they get planted. The cool part though, you DO get to choose where you are planted. And when that is determined, your business BLOOMS. 

So, where within your marketplace will you plant your brand? What makes you so different from the rest of the businesses blooming right next to you? If you don’t know, that’s ok! There’s a lot to think about, but we can uncover that together! 

Brand Positioning should hit you in the feels.

Let's skip to the good part - connection

When you smell a really fragrant flower, what happens? Maybe you think, “Man! This smells SO good!” Or maybe it reminds you of all the summers you spent at your grandma’s house? Whether you realize it or not, you likely feel something. Just as your nose experienced a scent explosion, your customers/clients want to experience and feel something too! Why? Because we’re humans and we just love connecting with people, places and all the things! When it comes to building a business, sometimes this step gets overlooked, it can exist without being verbalized, but once it is – the clarity that comes from it can provide so much value to your business.


Putting it all together

Brand strategists exist to be a guide because let’s be realistic – you’re really close to your business (as you should be!) And sometimes, you can’t see the forest through the trees. You may be encountering certain problems over and over again, without realizing what the solution could be to turn it around. By digging into brand strategy and brand positioning, we guide you to define how people should feel when they interact with and experience your brand. In the end, the goal is to position your business between your authentic self and your ideal audience.

Are you ready to get diggin?

Because we are!

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Let's talk it through, come up with a plan - you know, make things happen!

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