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Updating Your Business Address
Updating Your Business Address

UPDATING YOUR ADDRESS AFTER A MOVE Updating your business address after a move is a top priority. The same holds true if you recently just got a brick and mortar, or opened a new office location! First, it is critical that customers have accurate information when trying to contact your …

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Amazon Smile
Amazon Smile Ending

Amazon Smile Ending in February 2023 Just a few days ago when I began drafting a post to talk about Amazon Smile, it was a much different plan. Waking up to the email and news that Amazon was ending the Smile program sent me into an immediate tailspin. I consider …

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website leads are down
My Website Leads Are Down – Now What?

Online leads on the decline? If you’ve noticed your website leads are down, it can be due to a variety of things. Whether it’s calls, forms, live chats, emails or any of the above – Determining what and how to check those items are where the troubleshooting begins. Step 1: …

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